IAM Deep in Thought

Psalms 19:14 NLT May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O  lord , my rock and my redeemer.

 When I close my eyes sometimes just to stop and think, many things go through my mind.

And it takes time to slow down everything, and let all the noise of the world fade away.

 Sometimes it takes more than 20+ minutes or more to let all the volume die down.

Put the cell phone away, social media way.

 And if the moment you close your eyes, all you think about is bills, problems, drama, anger, stress, your to-do list.

Then write them down. And put them aside for later.
It’s not easy, but it is essential to our souls.

 Private time with the Lord, is essential to our life.

It could be a prayer walk, it could be a prayer jog, it could be time on public transportation.
One practical tip is to use instrumental music with no words or lyrics to drown out the world.
Resist the urge to sing along


Then you can use a simple tool like  http://www.flvto.com/
To get it onto you music player without incurring data charges.
Don’t ask me about how to use itunes…  bc I don’t know.

Taking time to meditiate on the greatness of God takes time, but it’s worth it. And just like the psalmist encourages us, it reinforces the truth to us. God our Lord is our rock and our redeemer.

Rock:  He is our the foundation for our legs to stand on.   Stable and secure.
Redeemer: He is the one who saves us.  The one who has redeemed us from the prison of sin and death.

Then take the time to go back and slowly read Psalms 19 , or other verses.  It’s deep with truth and wonder.
That kind of depth and power didn’t come from jotting some notes down on a napkin in a rush between running errands
It was inspired by the spirit of God.

And in that depth, we find the peace to be ok with situations

We find the love we need for people in our lives
We find the soul nourishing embrace of God.
We find the power to go out into the world and be his agents of change and life.

Proclaim these truths today
IAM Deep in thought
IAM Inspired
IAM Empowered
IAM Recharged

IAM Grounded on the Rock
IAM Redeemed by our Lord