IAM All-in

JAMES 4:8 NLT Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world.

It’s easy to tell when someone is truly in love with someone else.
Aside from the dorky smile and daydreamy look.

Their motive and heart is as clear as day.

The promise in the word today is this.
Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.

Willingly make a step towards God, and he will make many many steps to meet us.


And not just willing, but take it up a couple more degrees.
Joyful participation?
And it’s not about your expression, or clapping your hands or raising one hands, or two hands.
It’s about the temperature of your heart and connection to the Creator.

Now we are getting somewhere.
And as we start to warm up to things, I believe God draws us in even further.

To the All-In level.
No longer a participant, you are lost in it.
It’s funny how in a sanctuary filled with 100s of people who are all focusse only on the one who gave us life…
We are unified in that place!
And I been there, and I long for that place of worship daily!


I know that in the past when my heart was not engaged, Sunday worship at church might have been my only spiritual time of the whole week.  So honestly.. I was barely getting warmed up.

I am still learning to enjoy his presence, and more regular time with the Lord
But I am thankful that God continues to meet me.

And my degree of engagement is just a bit more intense.

I used to think, I have to spend time with God, Monday – Saturday.
Well, imagine how your loved ones would feel if you did everything because you HAD to.
Big whoop is right!

But now as I am building a relationship with the Lord, and his word.
I see it as , I want to.  It’s my lifeline.
It keeps me connected and warm.

It’s my prayer to be all-in all the time.
To be unraveled and sold out.
That dorky smile, and crazy obedience will be a part of my being. It will be my indentity, as I continue to spend time with the Lord.

God has been drawing me in my whole life.
But I was trying to run away from it.
Now as I make one step towards the Lord, He is running to meet me.

IAM All In.
IAM A Sold out worshippper
IAM running towards our Loving God, SPRINTING(in spirit!)
IAM Madly , Wildly and Pasionately in Love with Him.

I proclaim that truth today, and I ask God to make it so.

And as we proclaim the truth about IAM. It’s not selfish.
It’s reflecting back to God, the amazing love and life He puts inside of us.

Every day, every moment, every sun ray that shines on my face
Every vision of beauty
Every message from the Lord, that He sees me, and he loves me.

Then we are just all in it.
We are all about it
Our hearts are beating with one heartbeat.

Let’s make our identity as one ones who are sold out! All In.
When people think about you. They will say, yeah man.. he/she  they are consumed.
I wonder what they got…