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IAM to Praise the Lord

PSALMS 148:4-5 NLT Praise him, skies above! Praise him, vapors high above the clouds! Let every created thing give praise to the lord , for he issued his command, and they came into being.

Psalms 148 is one long run on sentence with one message:  PRAISE THE LORD!

Take the time to read the whole chapter and in your mind envision yourself in the grand scheme of the universe.
The heavens , skies, angels, sun, moon, stars, skies, earth, creatures, kings, rulers, men, women, Let them ALL Praise the Lord!


Let’s zoom out of our own existence to understand we are one voice and one life that is willingly praising the Lord.
Why are we willing?  Because as we focus on the greatness that HE is! On the amazing power that is our God is, we can only fall onto our knees, raise our hands in surrender and give him the praise that is due.

Taking the time to zoom out and get perspective is a big help to get a proper understand of the power of our God, in relation to our issues.  Praising God brings our heart and minds back onto the most important thing that matters.  It creates proper perspective about the fact of who is really in charge in this big world.
Then with proper perspective, we pray for miracles with supreme faith in knowing God holds all the keys to Kingdom.  God created and designed the body, mind, liver, pancreas, vertabrae, blood and heart.  He knows how to put back in order, what is not right.  God knows how to control the minds of men, kings and governments.  Praising God, increases our faith in the only one who really matters.
 God's Handiwork

While you are out and about, driving to work, look up and see the sky and clouds.  Understand their beauty and uniqueness are all praising the Lord.  The trees, shift and sway, and they are dancing in God’s presence to point back to the wonderful creator.

Let every created thing, praise the Lord!  He spoke us into existence.

That life giving word!  Gave you life, brought you into relationship with the creator of the universe.
And our created response is to live our lives, and point everything back to him.

Let’s praise him
Let’s give him all the glory
Let’s have faith for all things, because we have a proper understanding of how this thing works

IAM created with an amazing purpose.
IAM created by an awesome creator
IAM the heartbeat of our God
IAM a beautiful reflection of our all powerful Lord.
IAM one voice in the wonderful chorus of singers that are all harmoniously praising the Creator
IAM to Praise the Lord

Join in the Chorus of all Creation Today



Psalms 30:12 that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.
O lord my God, I will give you thanks forever!

The song writer ends this Psalm with the statement: sing praises to God, and not be silent, I will give thanks forever.
If I could think of nothing better than to do with my life for the rest of my days on earth…

Be Gratefulsq

Praise God without ending!
Give thanks to God forever!
Just when you think, that we have discovered all there is to know about God… we see some new facet of His greatness.
Do you ever just bring up something awesome that happened in the past, and it’s so good, you just can’t help telling the story over again?
That’s what praising our God is like!

If our focus is on learning to see new perspectives about God, then our eyes will continually be drawn to the beauty of life.
if our focus is on teaching our hearts to praise God in every circumstance, then you will find victory in all circumstances.

If you take the time to go back and read the whole chapter. the psalmist wasn’t exactly in the best of situations.

In the midst of all the bad situations, the main encouragement was to keep on praising God.

Summary of Situations before God intervened
1. Enemies were trying to triumph over him
2. Failing health
3. In the grave of the pit of death
4. Weeping through the night
5. Prideful and thought he didn’t need God


If that short list was an example of how your past week, months years used to be, then take hope. You are not alone.
There is a solution! Praise God, Give Thanks unceasingly.

I AM in need of mercy
I AM in need of God’s Help
I AM Thankful
I AM in Awe of God

And then when we pass into heaven. We will have an eternity to do it all over again!