About Me

I AM God’s Miracle

So are you!  Do you believe that?

Depending on how much you have been beat up in this life by yourself or by haters around you, I bet it’s hard to look in the mirror and proclaim: “I AM GOD’s MIRACLE!”

But it’s true!  Friend.

God gave you his DNA.

The DNA of Champions, Geniuses, World Class Philanthropists, History Makers.

Claim the Power in Your Identity: You are a Miracle.

And the words “IAM” can seem very self centered, but I assure you, all of the power in our identity comes from our creator.  The power for you, is embracing our miraculous identity and living in that truth.

You are beautiful

You are a masterpiece

You are awesome

You are Loved by God

IAm saved by grace through the love of my Savior Jesus Christ

IAm a husband, father of 2 and one on the way